Feta Cheese 200g

Feta Cheese 200g


Our Feta is made from sheep’s milk only, hence it has reacher and more buttery flavor, with silky texture, a bit crumbly. The flavor itself is sharp, tangy, and slightly salty. It’s one of the best cheese varieties for salads and pasta tosses. In hot summer day you may want to try feta with freshly cut watermelon!

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Discover the Essence of Authentic Feta Cheese!

Experience the true taste of Greece with our exquisite Feta Cheese, crafted with the finest ingredients and time-honored traditions. Originally hailing from Greece, this fresh cheese has captured hearts and taste buds worldwide, and our version is no exception. Made exclusively from the pure and rich milk of our sheep, our Feta boasts a flavor profile that is unparalleled in richness and buttery goodness.

At our farm, we are committed to preserving the authenticity of Feta cheese. Hence, we use only the finest sheep’s milk to craft our exceptional cheese. This results in a more indulgent and creamy texture, with a slight crumble that melts in your mouth.

Our Feta cheese undergoes a longer fermentation time, allowing its flavors to develop into a sharp and tangy profile, accented by a delightful hint of saltiness. Each bite offers a burst of taste that tantalizes your palate and leaves you yearning for more.

After the meticulous crafting process, our Feta is air-dried to achieve the perfect texture and form. The result is a cheese that boasts the ideal balance of creaminess and crumble, making it a versatile addition to various dishes.

Our Feta cheese is formed into ‘chevre’ shape, offering a convenient and practical way to savor its exquisite taste. Whether you crumble it over salads, spread it on crackers, or incorporate it into your favorite recipes, our Feta is sure to elevate every dish.

Our Feta cheese is thoughtfully packaged in jars weighing approximately 200g, ensuring that you receive just the right amount to satisfy your culinary desires. The jar is designed to maintain the cheese’s freshness, so you can enjoy its authentic taste for longer.

Immerse yourself in the flavors of Greece with our Feta Cheese made from pure sheep’s milk. Add a touch of Mediterranean indulgence to your culinary creations and elevate your meals to a whole new level.

Elevate your culinary creations with the authentic taste of our Feta Cheese. Made from pure sheep’s milk, it boasts a rich, buttery flavor that will take your taste buds on a journey to Greece.

At Secret Lands Farm, we take immense pride in preserving the essence of tradition and authenticity. From our farm to your table, our Feta Cheese represents the true spirit of Greece, crafted with love and dedication. Join us on this gastronomic journey and savor the richness of our Feta in every delectable bite.

Please note that our Feta Cheese is subject to availability. Order your jar today to savor the essence of true Feta.

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