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Caciotta Cheese

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Caciotta describes a cheese originally made on the classic Italian farm by family in rural Italy. The name of the cheese, caciotta, is derived from the Latin word “cacio”, meaning “cheese.”

Caciotta cheese is a semi-soft, fresh cheese with a compact, firm, yet creamy texture. It has a mild, milky, sweet, and tangy flavour that is unique to caciotta cheese made solely from whole sheep’s milk.

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Product Description

For the production of dairy products, farms equipped with mechanized milking equipment guarantee milk purity. The plant employs advanced technology with gentle milk processing modes which retain healthful milk components – protein, minerals and vitamins – to the utmost. In our manufacturing of cultured milk products, we use cultures of direct application which allows us to create products with superior taste, smell and texture as well as to extend shelf life in a natural way through the formation of biologically active substances.

Quality control at every stage, from receipt of raw materials on the farm to delivery of finished products to retail outlets, is an integral part of the production of whole-milk products by Secret Lands Farm.


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