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NOTICE! Tours are closed for the winter season and will resume again starting in May of 2024. Thank you!

Grey Highlands Area

The farm is located in the heart of Grey Highlands at an altitude of about 500 m above sea level, in the picturesque valley of the Beaver Valley, surrounded by rolling hills.

Such a good location of the farm makes it the starting point of the most beautiful tourist routes. It gives a rare opportunity to visit nature, surrounded by hundreds little animals with white wooly coats matted down with hay and dirt, making a small timid bleats as they are trotting to the milking area with shepherd Llama.

Secret Land’s own extensive territory with various working areas, lush pastures, Lake Wilcox (all part of a conservation area) provides ample opportunities for a varied and full-fledged visit in a short time.

Events & Nature

The purest air filled with the aromas of hay, crystal-clear spring water, and the wellness of freshest food. All have a beneficial effect on well-being and restore inner harmony and tone. Secret Lands Farm is ideal for corporate events, relaxing in a close family circle or a fun company, or privacy in nature’s bosom. 

The nearest town is Flesherton, 4 km away from the Farm. The family members Alex, Sophie, and their son Roman are always ready to respond to any guests’ questions and provide the highest level of hospitality. The farm provides opportunities to organize various outdoor activities in winter and summer and restore strength and health in the shortest possible time.

On the farm, everyone will find exactly what they came for, whether it is a vivid experience of tourism, the opportunity to unite with nature, and precious time spent together with their loved ones.

Gastro Tourism

Five cozy gazebos on the territory of the complex offer guests to enjoy Handcrafted Sheep Cheeses, delicious Sheep Dairy and Lamb Meat. The main gastronomic focus is on natural, organic food, including other products like organic honey, olive oil, and jams carefully sourced from other farms.

Health Restoring Gut Problems

Wellness is based on natural fermentation products like Kefir and unique methods of producing Sheep Cheese using Kefir as a starter culture.

Sporting Activities

The recreational walks to the Lake, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing depending on the time of year. With a private “All Day” tour, an option of swimming in a pristine Lake, fishing and boating will allow you to get a charge of positive emotions.


For a detoxing: On-site built barrel sauna from solid cedar with a capacity for 6 is ideal and 10 guests are still possible. With waiting, washing, and an actual sauna. Temperature minimum of 90 C or higher!

For Children

Most children enjoy learning and interacting with farm animals. Little facts about farm life will further expand their knowledge about the essential facts of where healthy food comes from.

Farm Tour & Brunch


Cheese & Charcuterie Tastings

Cheese & Charcuterie Tastings

Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays

Cooking show

Live Cooking Show with Dinner – SOLD OUT!

Sunday October 1st