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What is Kefir Cheese?

Not many people know the answer, including some of our best clients. So we would like to explain 🙂

Kefir is a perfect fermentation culture – used for centuries by cheese-makers. Kefir contains a stable and diverse community of bacteria, yeast, and fungi that form colonies known as Kefir grains. This biodiversity in Kefir is its strength, contributing to the unique natural quality, health benefits, taste & flavour in Kefir cheeses!!!

All high-quality milk aspires to become a great cheese, we think 🙂

What is high-quality milk?

Fresh. Natural. Unprocessed. Exclusively from pastured, grass-fed animals. Cheese-makers can work with over-processed, industrially-produced poor quality milk. Then, of course, they need to artificially add back what has been lost in the industrial process: bacterial and fungal cultures, enzymes, colour, and even calcium to help poor-quality milk make industrial cheese.

To make great cheese, the process of natural fermentation must occur. One of the most significant components in milk is a diverse population of beneficial bacterial cultures that help to transform fresh milk into fermented milk.