Young Tomette de Brebis

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Tommette de Brebis is a sophisticated cheese traditional to the Basque region of the Pyrenees.
It is noted from its complex, layered flavor and adorably small size.

Our young Tommette is made from fresh Sheep Milk.  It takes 72 hours to make a wheel , 24 hours coagulation, 24 hours fermentation and 24 hours for dry salting.  Full of Probiotic Natural based on Sheep’s Milk Kefir.

Flavour: distinctively mild and buttery taste; will leave you wanting more for hours after eating it.

Because we are producing an artisan cheese, it only comes in small batches, and the condition of this particular cheese changes; the best time to enjoy Young Tomette is within a week.

We sell pre-cut in container weighing 100g and full wheel depending on the size.

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