Soft Kefir Cheese / Paprika / Zaatar in oil

Soft Kefir Cheese / Paprika / Zaatar in oil


Tuscany’s herbs  Soft Kefir cheese. Fresh, made only from strained Kefir with no rennet added.

It has the same amount of probiotics, just like our Kefir.

Coated with oregano, thyme, sage, fennel seeds, marjoram, and a bit of salt.

Spreadable, great for appetizers or in a salad.

Weight 150g

Product Info

Soft Kefir Cheese is made using a yeast and bacterial culture called kefir, rather than an additional acid or rennet, to separate milk into curd and whey. The curd is separated by cold straining. The resulting cheese has a very tangy, rich flavor and a creamy, dense texture.

Two balls in a package: one is coated with Zaatar and second is with Smoked Paprika. In oil.

Weight each approximately 50g.

Soft Kefir Cheese is a unique and flavorful cheese variety that stands out from traditional cheeses due to its fermentation process. Kefir, a combination of beneficial bacteria and yeast, acts as the coagulant, creating a distinct tanginess in the cheese. Unlike cheeses made with acid or rennet, this traditional method imparts a characteristic taste and texture to the final product.

The cold straining process used to separate the curd from the whey ensures a creamy and dense consistency in the Soft Kefir Cheese. This texture is perfect for spreading on crackers or crusty bread, and it also pairs excellently with fruits and vegetables.

The package includes two delightful balls of Soft Kefir Cheese, each approximately 50g in weight. To add a burst of flavor, one ball is coated with Zaatar, an aromatic Middle Eastern spice blend, while the other is adorned with Smoked Paprika, offering a smoky and slightly spicy taste.

Whether enjoyed as a delectable snack, a flavorful appetizer, or as part of a cheese platter, Soft Kefir Cheese with Zaatar and Smoked Paprika promises a delightful culinary experience for cheese enthusiasts and food lovers alike.

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