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Soft Kefir Cheese / Pepper in oil

Soft Kefir Cheese / Pepper in oil

(2 reviews)


Tuscany’s herbs  Soft Kefir cheese. Fresh, made only from strained Kefir with no rennet added.

It has the same amount of probiotics, just like our Kefir.

Coated with oregano, thyme, sage, fennel seeds, marjoram, and a bit of salt.

Spreadable, great for appetizers or in a salad.

Weight 150g

Product Details

Soft Kefir Cheese Pepper In Oil is a unique and delicious cheese variety that sets itself apart from traditional cheeses. It is crafted using a special yeast and bacterial culture known as kefir, which replaces the need for using additional acids or rennet to coagulate milk into curd and whey. This fermentation process gives the cheese its characteristic tangy flavor and contributes to its creamy, dense texture.

To create this delightful cheese, the curd is separated through a cold straining method, ensuring the preservation of its distinct taste and texture. Each package contains two delightful cheese balls, both weighing approximately 50g. One of the cheese balls is coated with roasted crushed pepper, adding a flavorful and mildly spicy kick to the cheese, while the other is coated with roasted crushed black pepper, providing a different twist to the taste profile.

The cheese balls are conveniently stored in oil, which not only enhances their taste but also ensures a longer shelf life, allowing cheese enthusiasts to savor their rich flavors over time. Whether enjoyed on its own, paired with your favorite crackers, or incorporated into a variety of dishes, Soft Kefir Cheese Pepper In Oil promises to be a gourmet delight that will leave your taste buds yearning for more.

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2 reviews for Soft Kefir Cheese / Pepper in oil

  1. Ron Boone (verified owner)

    Excellent product!!

  2. Bernadette M. (verified owner)

    Tart and zesty

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