Shankleesh 16oz

Shankleesh 16oz


Shankleesh (soft and spreadable) Cheese balls with Zaatar (a blend of sumac, thyme, and sesame seeds) in grape-seed oil.

Size is 8oz in a glass jar.

Product Details

Introducing our exquisite Shankleesh cheese, a soft and spreadable delight that encapsulates the rich flavors of the Middle East. These delectable cheese balls are carefully crafted to perfection and come infused with the traditional Zaatar blend, a combination of sumac, thyme, and sesame seeds, immersed in premium grape-seed oil.

The Shankleesh cheese is a culinary gem that boasts a creamy and spreadable texture, allowing it to effortlessly elevate any dish with its distinct flavors. Each bite offers a harmonious blend of tanginess from the cheese and the earthy, aromatic notes of Zaatar, creating a truly tantalizing experience for your taste buds.

Our Shankleesh cheese balls with Zaatar are incredibly versatile and can be enjoyed in various ways. Spread it on freshly baked bread or pita for a scrumptious and quick appetizer. Enhance your salads with the rich and tangy flavors of Shankleesh, paired perfectly with fresh greens and vegetables. It also complements grilled vegetables, meats, and kebabs, infusing them with a burst of authentic Middle Eastern taste.

The package contains a generous 16 ounces (454g) of Shankleesh cheese balls, providing you with ample supply to indulge in its delightful flavors. The cheese is carefully preserved in premium grape-seed oil, ensuring its freshness and authentic taste.

Crafted with passion and expertise, our Shankleesh cheese is made from the finest ingredients, promising an unparalleled taste experience. The combination of soft, spreadable cheese and the exotic Zaatar blend reflects the essence of Middle Eastern culinary traditions, bringing an exceptional taste to your table.

Whether you’re hosting a family gathering, a social event, or simply exploring new flavors, our Shankleesh cheese with Zaatar is a must-have addition to your culinary repertoire. Transport yourself to the heart of the Middle East with each mouthful, as you savor the richness of this remarkable cheese.

Indulge in the flavors of tradition and immerse yourself in the world of authentic Middle Eastern cuisine with our Shankleesh cheese balls. Order yours today and experience the true essence of artisanal cheese crafted to perfection. Embrace the richness of Zaatar and the creamy delight of Shankleesh for an extraordinary and unforgettable culinary journey. Enjoy the authentic taste and versatility of Shankleesh, adding a touch of Middle Eastern flair to your dishes!

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