Saturday Farm Tour & Brunch

Adults: $100
Children Age 3 -7: $50

Children Age under 3: Free

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Come visit us for a Saturday Farm Tour & Brunch!

Save on your visit with a 20% reduced price until the end of October by using coupon code “tours20” at checkout

Take a break from the city and head to a farm famous for its sheep!

We offer a guided tour of our farm on Saturdays with a brunch menu.

You will meet and greet some of our happy sheep on the pasture fields (we have over 400 sheep).

Also, we have 100 hens, a few guinea hens, and Llama named Lawrence!!

Our lush pastures are for haylage in the summer and grazing habitats for our sheep and lambs.

The smell of freshly mowed hay fills the midsummer nights. The first cut comes in early summer and is always the best.

All will create significant new memories of lovely, warm, inviting, relaxing feelings.