Pure 100% Ostrich Oil 50ml




Ostrich oil was used by ancient cultures like a cosmetic as well as in the remedy of burns and lesions. Cleopatra is thought to have used this oil as part of her beauty regiment for maintaining her beauty and attractiveness in the desert climate. Most of the oil’s benefits are mainly caused by the omega fatty acids contained in the oil. Further down are benefits of ostrich oil.
Skin moisturizer
Ostrich oil is commonly used as an excellent moisturizer of the skin. You are advised to apply it beneath your make-up throughout the day. It can also be applied like a nighttime product immediately before bedtime. Since ostrich oil is absorbed quickly by the skin, it does not leave your skin feeling tacky or sticky.
Treats skin ailments
There are lots of evidence portraying the beneficial effects of ostrich oil in offering relief from several skin irritations as well as other discomforts like skin cuts, abrasions, burns, sunburn and blisters. People with rosacea and eczema can benefit from its use as well to reduce the redness present on their face and eventually eliminate the problem completely.
Anti-ageing effects
Ostrich oil has potent anti-ageing properties and it is therefore useful for elderly people and those looking to maintain their youthful appearance. It lowers the formation of several symptoms of ageing, including wrinkles and ugly eye bags. The fatty acids found in ostrich oil are vital for cell division, recovery and growth.
Anti-fungal properties
The anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties of this oil assist in keeping the skin healthy. This particular oil may be used as a major part of skin cleansing as it does not clog skin pores. Furthermore, the anti-inflammatory effects are useful in combating psoriasis and arthritic joints.
However, this rich oil normally spoils faster in comparison with other oils and this is it’s only drawback.


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