Pecorino Stagionato 2021

Pecorino Stagionato 2021

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What is Kefir Cheese?

Discover an Exclusive Opportunity with our Pecorino Cheese!

We present a limited selection of 2 meticulously handcrafted wheels of Pecorino Stagionato, born in May-July 2021. Secure an entire wheel and enjoy an exclusive 50% price reduction.

Opt for the convenience of pre-cut and vacuum-sealed options. Don’t let this unique moment pass you by; introduce this exceptionally exquisite artisanal cheese to your loved ones today!

Experience the exceptional flavour of our premium Pecorino cheese, a masterpiece of Italian craftsmanship. Pecorino is an Italian hard sheep milk cheese celebrated for its time-honoured creamy, firm texture and robust, sophisticated taste.

The heritage of Pecorino cheese dates back to ancient times, with records of its consumption by Roman nobility, making it a timeless delicacy. The name “Pecorino” is rooted in the Italian word “Pecora,” signifying “sheep” or “ewe,” highlighting its unique origin from the rich milk of sheep.

Our Pecorino is a testament to our unwavering dedication to exceptional quality and traditional artisanal methods.

Crafted from raw ewes’ milk, this cheese stands out as a unique offering in Canada.

What truly sets our Pecorino apart is the exclusive use of Natural Kefir Culture from Tibet, which imparts a special touch to its flavour profile, setting it apart from other Pecorino cheeses in the market.

Our Pecorino Stagionato 2021 boasts a hard and crumbly texture that surprises with each bite.

The buttery and nutty flavour lingers, leaving you craving more of this exquisite delicacy.

The versatility of Pecorino cheese opens the door to boundless culinary possibilities.

It can be enjoyed on its own, paired with a glass of wine, or used as a vital ingredient in various dishes.

Whether grated over pasta, shaved onto salads, or presented on a cheese board, our Pecorino cheese elevates any culinary creation to new heights of flavour.

Discover the rich heritage and artistry of Italian cheese with Secret Lands Farm’s premium Pecorino cheese.

Rest assured, each wheel of Pecorino will consistently surprise you!

Immerse yourself in the essence of time-honoured traditions, authentic craftsmanship, and the pure goodness of raw “ewes” milk.

Each piece of our Pecorino cheese tells a story of passion, dedication, and culinary excellence, promising an unforgettable and satisfying experience for cheese connoisseurs and food enthusiasts alike.


Join us for a farm tour and cheese-tasting experience!

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