Pecorino Stagionato 2018


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This Pecorino is fully aged for 36 Months and it’s time to have it in the open.  Price per kilo $300

When cut open, beautiful crystal formations are visible to the naked eye (an excellent indicator of appropriately maintained cheese). Like most aged hard cheeses requires time to open up, and for a faster result, you can shave the cheese.
It will give instant satisfaction with a fantastic, long aftertaste. 

Rind: yes

Color: light yellow

Taste: sharp and a bit spicy. 

Aroma: strong

Recommended wine: The more unusual the cheese, the more impressive the vino should be. Try from the Piedmont region medium to full-body Barolo wine; Brunello, Amarone; Full-body Malbec.

Bon Appetite!

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