Pecorino Robiola Lemon Biscuits

Pecorino Robiola Lemon Biscuits


Savory scrumptious frollino cookie. Pecorino & Robiola Cheese, Gluten-free (almond flour), cane sugar (a bit), real lemon juice, and zest. Great with anything and anytime! 3 in the package

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Indulge in the delightful fusion of flavors with our Pecorino Robiola Lemon Biscuits. These savory and scrumptious frollino cookies are thoughtfully crafted to bring you a unique taste experience that will leave your taste buds craving more.

Made with care and precision, our Pecorino Robiola Lemon Biscuits are a harmonious blend of premium Pecorino and Robiola cheeses, both sourced from high-quality sheep’s milk. The combination of these two distinct cheeses adds depth and complexity to the flavor profile, providing a delightful balance of savory notes.

Crafted with gluten-free almond flour, these biscuits are suitable for those with dietary restrictions or gluten sensitivities. The almond flour lends a delicate crunch to the cookies, adding a delightful texture that complements the richness of the cheeses.

To add a touch of sweetness, we use a hint of cane sugar that perfectly balances the savory flavors of the Pecorino and Robiola cheeses. Real lemon juice and zest infuse the biscuits with a zesty and refreshing taste, elevating the overall flavor profile to create a delectable treat.

Our Pecorino Robiola Lemon Biscuits are perfect for pairing with a variety of dishes and beverages. Whether you enjoy them on their own as a satisfying snack or pair them with your favorite cheeses and spreads, these biscuits are incredibly versatile and suitable for any occasion.

Serve them as a delightful addition to a cheese platter during gatherings or savor them as a savory snack while relaxing at home. Their bold and distinct flavors make them an excellent choice to accompany wine, cocktails, or any other beverage of your choice.

Each package contains three biscuits, providing you with the perfect portion to enjoy and share with friends and loved ones. The compact size makes them convenient for on-the-go snacking or for adding a touch of sophistication to any meal.

Experience the irresistible taste of our Pecorino Robiola Lemon Biscuits. Gluten-free and crafted with the finest ingredients, they are a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional gourmet products that excite the senses and tantalize the palate.

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