Pecorino Full Wheel Pre-Cut


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The wheel is cut for eight wedges and vacuum-packed individually so that you can keep it in a fridge for up to ONE year, or if you prefer, we can also send the cheese uncut.

Pecorino is a hard Italian sheep milk cheese revered for its creamy, firm texture and robust, sophisticated taste. Making Pecorino dates back to at least the year zero when it was a delicacy for Roman noblemen. Pecorino comes from “Pecora,” the Italian word for sheep.
It comes in a variety of flavors determined by its age. Aged Pecorino, called “stagionato,” is HARD and crumbly in texture with a buttery and nutty flavor. Our Pecorino is made from unpasteurized ewes milk with Zero commercial culture. Our cheeses are unique in Canada because we use Natural Kefir Culture from Tibet.


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