Panforte Margherita 240g




Great with our Cheese!

We are happy to present Panforte from “Victoria Panforte” Cake handmade in Canada from our local honey, maple syrup, cranberry, North American fruits and nuts.

Vegan and free of preservatives, artificial colors & flavors, dairy and eggs.

“Victoria Panforte” is an Ontario based local production for Panforte – “strong bread” – a confection originating from Toscana, Italy.

Major ingredients of Panforte Margherita are walnut and organic figs , apricots; candied melon and orange peel; sweeten with Canadian honey and organic cane sugar; use Canadian 00 farina flour; a unique mix of spices worthy of you and 600 years of panforte history.

Panforte will add nutritional value and delight your senses.


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