Lamb Shoulder Bone-in

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Lamb Shoulder Bone-in

Ontario pasture-raised lamb! GMO, antibiotics, and hormones free. We have East Friesland purebred sheep. Their diet is our priority because they are the best in the world for milk. We are dairy farmers, producing a large variety of sheep dairy products and sheep cheeses from our milk. Throughout the 3 seasons, our animals are pasturing on pesticide-free and herbicide-free land. In the winter, the diet is fermented haylage strictly from our pastures. ✅

Great for slow roasting. Also great for a large family! Feast you will never forget. We promise that!

Indulge in the succulent taste of Lamb Shoulder Bone-in, sourced from Ontario’s finest pasture-raised lamb. Rest assured that our lambs are raised with utmost care, free from GMOs, antibiotics, and hormones. Our commitment to quality starts with our East Friesland purebred sheep, renowned worldwide for their exceptional milk.

As dedicated dairy farmers, we take pride in producing an array of sheep dairy products and sheep cheeses using the milk from our happy and healthy flock. Our sheep enjoy a wholesome diet on pesticide-free and herbicide-free pastures throughout the seasons. During winter, they feast on fermented haylage strictly derived from our own pastures.

Embrace the art of slow roasting with our Lamb Shoulder Bone-in. With its tender, juicy meat, it’s the perfect centerpiece for any family gathering or special occasion. Prepare to create a feast that will be etched in your memory forever.

At our farm, we prioritize the well-being of our animals, the quality of our products, and the satisfaction of our customers. When you choose our Lamb Shoulder Bone-in, you’re not only savoring exceptional flavor but also supporting ethical and sustainable farming practices.

Order your Lamb Shoulder Bone-in today and experience the unparalleled taste of Ontario pasture-raised lamb.


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