Khachapuri- Georgian bread with cheese




We are happy to introduce you to a new product from our farm Kitchen – Imeruli Khachapuri.

Khachapuri is a delicious Georgian cheese-filled bread. You can eat it as a snack or pair it with a fresh vegetable salad for a full meal.

We made this Georgian bread from a variety of our Farm cheeses and organic products with an extremely small amount of sugar –  0.27 per pastry.

All Main ingredients for the dough :
Organic wheat flour, Sheep’s milk Kefir, Eggs, Grape seed oil, Salt, Organic cane sugar, Baking soda
For Filling: Sheep’s milk, Feta, Caciotta Fresca, Halloumi, Cottage cheese, Ricotta, Eggs.

The ratio of cheese and dough 50 to 50.

Khachapuri is an excellent dish to diversify your cuisine, as well as surprise your guests both at an event and in everyday life.1 Khachapuri is approx. 600 grGood up to 4 people

How to warm it up
Preheat oven up to 450F
Take Khachapuri from the vacuum pack
Place on a baking tray
Keep in oven 3-4 minThe best result-  is to eat Khachapuri right away!Enjoy!


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