Kefir based Crepes with Lamb

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Kefir-based Crepes with Lamb: A Flavorful Savory Delight!

Indulge in the perfect blend of taste and texture with our Kefir-based Crepes filled with delicious ground Lamb and onions. These savory delights are made with a unique batter crafted from Kefir, Cottage Cheese, Eggs, Organic Flour, salt, a hint of sugar, and a touch of baking soda. Slightly thicker than our “Silky Crepes,” these Kefir-based Crepes offer a hearty and satisfying experience.

Our crepe batter stands out with the addition of Kefir, which lends a tangy and creamy twist to the traditional recipe. Combined with Cottage Cheese, Eggs, and Organic Flour, the batter creates a delightful balance of flavors and textures.

Inside each crepe, you’ll discover a savory filling of delicious ground Lamb and onions. The well-seasoned lamb adds a burst of flavor, perfectly complementing the subtle tanginess of the Kefir-based crepes.

Each package contains four delectable Kefir-based Crepes with Lamb, ensuring a convenient and delightful meal for you and your loved ones.

Experience the delicious fusion of flavors and the joy of indulging in our crepes. Whether enjoyed as a hearty breakfast or a satisfying lunch, these crepes promise an extraordinary culinary adventure.

Discover our wide selection of artisanal dairy products and culinary creations, each crafted with passion and care.

Elevate your dining experience with our crepes. Savor the richness, embrace the flavors, and delight in every delectable bite.

1 review for Kefir based Crepes with Lamb

  1. Inna L. (verified owner)

    This is a celebration in your mouth! Beyond delicious!

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