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Halloumi Cheese

Halloumi Cheese

(6 reviews)

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Halloumi is a semi-soft, brined cheese native to Cyprus. Because the curds are heated before being brined and shaped, halloumi has an exceptionally high melting point.

This allows the cheese to crisp instead of melt when grilled or fried. That crispy-on-the-outside-soft-on-the-inside character has given Halloumi its moniker as “the squeaky grilling cheese.” Our halloumi is mildly salty and almost nutty in flavor.

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Why is Sheep’s Milk

Discover and Buy the delectable world of Halloumi, a semi-hard, brined cheese originating from the beautiful island of Cyprus. Halloumi’s unique characteristics and exceptional taste make it a beloved cheese among food enthusiasts worldwide.

One of Halloumi’s standout features is its remarkably high melting point, achieved through a unique preparation process. Before brining and shaping, the curds are heated, which imparts a distinct quality to the cheese.

When grilled or fried, Halloumi retains its shape and texture, becoming delightfully crisp on the outside while remaining soft and creamy. This fascinating attribute has earned Halloumi the nickname “the squeaky grilling cheese.”

At Secret Lands Farm, our Halloumi stands out with its mild saltiness and delightful nutty flavour profile. The richness of the raw sheep’s milk, combined with the precise craftsmanship in its production, ensures a cheese that is second to none.

Halloumi is a versatile cheese that can elevate a wide array of dishes. Its exceptional grilling properties make it perfect for adding to salads, sandwiches, or burgers, giving your meal an irresistible touch. Try it as a tasty addition to vegetarian dishes or a delightful topping to your favourite grilled vegetables.

Indulge in the gourmet experience of Secret Lands Farm Halloumi and explore the flavours of Cyprus in each delectable bite. Whether you’re an avid cheese lover or simply seeking to enrich your culinary repertoire, Halloumi is a must-try cheese that will impress. Its unique texture, combined with the natural goodness of raw sheep’s milk, will have you savouring every mouthful.

Experience the richness of tradition and taste with Secret Lands Farm Halloumi. Add it to your cheese board, incorporate it into your favourite recipes, or enjoy it for a truly satisfying gastronomic adventure. Treat yourself to the finest Halloumi cheese and discover a world of culinary pleasure like never before.

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6 reviews for Halloumi Cheese

  1. Heidi Del Grande (verified owner)

    Will never tire of this cheese. So so good.

  2. Svitlana Horobets (verified owner)

  3. Dinesh Wijesuriya (verified owner)

  4. Maria Fink (verified owner)


  5. Heidi Del Grande (verified owner)

    This cheese is my favourite. I find myself frying cheese everyday then of course I need a glass of wine with it. Lol just amazing. I’m now wondering what is the biggest amount I can buy. I feel like I’ve been waiting forever fir this!!

  6. Ray

    Their halloumi is so good. I used to buy it every week when they had a physical store. 10/10 recommend. Make sure to have it fried!

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