Gourmet Charcuterie Assortment

Gourmet Charcuterie Assortment


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Indulge in the delectable world of our Gourmet Lamb Charcuterie Assortment Gift Box, a carefully curated selection of premium lamb charcuterie that promises to tantalize your taste buds. This delightful assortment is perfect for those seeking a savory and flavorful experience, made with 100% pure lamb meat for an authentic and rich taste.

Our Gourmet Charcuterie Assortment Gift Box Includes:

Tuscany-style dry Salami (84g): A robust and aromatic cured lamb meat, weighing 84g, offering a perfect blend of traditional Italian seasoning, reminiscent of the heart of Tuscany.
Pepperoni (Approx. 200g): Meticulously crafted with pure lamb meat, this Pepperoni, weighing approximately 200g, achieves a flawless balance of heat and smokiness. Ideal for enhancing charcuterie platters or adding a flavorful touch to pizzas.
Pepperettes (Approx. 100g): Petite, flavorful sausages, weighing approximately 100g, made from 100% pure lamb meat. These Pepperettes are a convenient and delicious snack option, packing a punch of taste in every bite.

Our Gourmet Lamb Charcuterie Assortment is thoughtfully selected to offer a diverse and mouthwatering selection of cured lamb meats, allowing you to explore different flavors and textures in each bite. Whether you’re hosting a gathering, enjoying a picnic, or simply indulging in a savory treat, this assortment promises to elevate your culinary experience.

As with all our products, our lamb charcuterie is crafted with the highest quality ingredients and undergoes a meticulous curing process to ensure optimum taste and texture. Made from 100% pure lamb meat, free from additives and preservatives, our charcuterie is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional products to our customers.

Embrace the delectable flavors of our Gourmet Lamb Charcuterie Assortment, and savor the authentic taste of pure lamb meat with every bite. Perfect for charcuterie boards, antipasto platters, or simply as a snack, this assortment promises to be a delightful addition to your culinary adventures.

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