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Gouda Young

Gouda Young

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Gouda Young, typically aged between two and three months,

is sweet, creamy and mild.

Cured Gouda is aged four to nine months and becomes firmer and sharper.

Gouda is aged for 10 to 14 months

and is sharper still with a medium-hard texture.



Celebrated in a wide span of culinary cultures,

Gouda has its roots in the southern regions of the Netherlands.

Typically made from cow’s milk, this semi-hard cheese

is characterized by its aromatic and caramel-like flavour

and dense and springy texture.

Hints of nuts with sweet and creamy notes embrace your palate

in a graceful sensation, and depending on the age,

the finish ranges from smooth to sharp.

Although categorized into multiple types, the essence of Gouda

remains essentially the same throughout all of its variations.

To a great extent, the flavours are imparted from the natural pastures

on which the cattle (sheep for Secret Lands Farm variation) graze,

and the development of salt crystals gives

it has a crumbling texture as the cheese ages.

Distinct in character and diverse in style, Secret Lands Farm Gouda

conveys a full-bodied and rich flavour, embodying versatility.



Immense attention to detail goes into the production of Gouda,

from the milking parlour to the creamery, with quality ensured

through comprehensive testing.

The process begins by pouring fresh milk into a large vat.

Depending on the type of Gouda, the milk is either raw or pasteurized.

Natural bacteria and rennet are added to thicken the milk and form the curd.

When firm, the curd is separated and placed in a mould.

The cheese obtains its characteristic density from being compressed

by weights and is ready for brining.

The salt from the brine slows down any unwanted bacterial activity

and promotes the iconic Gouda flavour.

A natural cheese coating is applied to help shield it against contamination

before it is finally set to age.

A steady lukewarm temperature encourages the flavours to flourish

while simultaneously allowing the cheese to release moisture,

resulting in a dense and consistent texture.

Gouda can mature from four weeks to over 12 months,

resulting in vastly different outcomes.

Gouda comes in both pasteurized and unpasteurized variants.

Similarly, production calls for vegetarian or non-vegetarian rennet,

resulting in cheeses suited to most preferences.

Always be sure to check the label when in doubt.

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