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This mild, yellow cheese is a new favorite of ours.

We offer mature Gouda from Sheep's Milk 
that was hibernating
inorganic bee wax for 12 months. 

During the production of Gouda, 
we add Kefir as a starter culture, 
and it gives the cheese a sweeter taste 
since there's less lactic acid.

Gouda was born on a farm in the Netherlands 
in the early 1100s. 

That's right, 
it's one of the oldest cheeses in the world
that's still made today! 

Dutch farmers used their fresh milk 
to create a farmstead cheese
that would last a long time.

Milk was plentiful in the summer, 
so what better use for it than creamy,
aged cheese that would last through the winter?

This iconic cheese got its name from the city of Gouda
in the south of Holland,
where cheesemakers would gather to trade their goods.

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