Deluxe Artisanal Cheese & Charcuterie Assortment




Enjoy this delightful assortment 
of thoughtfully selected 
gourmet lamb charcuterie and cheese

Three cured meat made of 100% pure lamb include: 
Tuscany style dry Salami 84g
Pepperonis approx.200g
Pepperettes approx.100g

Joined by eight-of-a-kind Artisanal Sheep's Milk Cheeses:
ONE-year-old Pecorino Stagionatto 
ONE-year-old Caciotta Semi-Stagionatto
Aged Semi-soft Tomette de Brebis (brie style)
Four-year-old Pecorino Porto 
Semi-hard Halloumi approx.150g
Labneh Cheese (Soft and Spreadable in grape-seed oil, 
labneh balls are deliciously creamy) 9oz
Shankleesh (soft and spreadable) 
Cheese balls with Zaatar in grape-seed oil 16oz
Robiola  (Fresh, Soft and Spreadable) 9oz
Mixed dried fruts and nuts 50g


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