Cheese Club Subscription – Monthly

$118.00 / month


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Finally! We created a cheese club monthly subscription for your pleasure and convenience! We will rotate our Deluxe sheep milk Kefir cheeses and lamp charcuterie, depending on your plan. 

By letting our Farm family select the cheeses in each delivery, you’ll expand your palate, discover new favorites, and experience the best that Secret Lands Farm cheesemakers have to offer. There are dozens of kefir and handcrafted cheese kinds in the Secret Lands to try.

After subscribing, you will be shipped an order of our delicious cheese and/or meat products each month. For the Cheese-Only subscription, you will receive 5  different kinds of Secret Lands cheese; for a Cheese-and-Charcuterie subscription, you will receive 3 different kinds of cheese and 2 different kinds of charcuterie. 

This option is a recurring month-to-month payment. There is no minimum length of time for your subscription – you can cancel at any time by logging into our website and disabling your subscription. If you would like to look at our pre-paid multi-month options, please click here.


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