Caciotta Wheel 2020

Caciotta Wheel 2020

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What is Kefir Cheese


Explore a Special Deal for our Cacciotta Cheese! Only a restricted quantity of two wheels of Cacciotta, meticulously handcrafted in September-October 2020, is currently available.

You can benefit from a 50% discount on the original price when you purchase an entire wheel. Additionally, you can have it pre-cut and vacuum-sealed for your convenience. Don’t miss this incredible chance to share this delicious artisanal cheese with your family and friends!

Prepare for a delightful experience as you relish the exquisite taste of our Caciotta Aged 2020. This cheese has matured gracefully and offers an exceptionally extraordinary flavour.

Caciotta Aged 2020 exhibits a lighter hue than its younger counterpart, thanks to its aging process. This visual aspect introduces a touch of sophistication to your cheeseboard presentation.

Genuine cheese enthusiasts will value the superb pairing of our Cacciotta with various wines, which enhances the overall dining experience.

Caciotta deserves a particular spot on any cheeseboard with its exceptional flavour and distinctive aging process. Get ready to amaze your guests with this culinary gem.

Our Caciotta Aged 2020 is a semi-hard cheese renowned for its compact, firm, and creamy texture. Exclusively crafted from whole sheep’s milk, it boasts a unique flavour that blends mild, milky, sweet, and slightly tangy notes, setting it apart as distinctive Caciotta cheese.

The name “Caciotta” comes from the Latin term “cacio,” which translates to “cheese.” It’s an appropriate name for a cheese affectionately handcrafted to perfection.

At our farm, we take immense pride in the artisanal cheese-making process. This process is a testament to the dedication and passion we invest in every phase of its creation.

Indulge in the exceptional taste of Caciotta Wheel 2020. With limited quantities available, secure your piece of this culinary masterpiece promptly.

Join us in celebrating the essence of cheese-making at our farm. We craft each cheese with love and care to offer you an unparalleled gourmet experience. Venture into the world of exceptional flavours and artisanal delights with us.

Join us for a farm tour and cheese-tasting experience.

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