Caciotta Fresca Cheese

Caciotta Fresca Cheese

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Caciotta Fresca is artisan, semi-hard fresh cheese, made from pasteurized milk, soft and elastic, ivory white.

Great idea as an appetizer or side dish, diced in salads or on its own.

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Caciotta Fresca Cheese

is artisan semi-hard fresh cheese

from pasteurized sheep’s milk.

Soft and elastic, ivory white.

Delicious, great idea as an appetizer or side dish,

diced in salads, by itself,

or with natural honey or jam.


Caciotta Fresca is a cheese suitable for all palates,

thanks to the softness of its paste.

What distinguishes this Caciotta Fresca from those of industrial production

is the Ontario Sheep’s milk processed with artisanal methods and short maturation.

Suggestions: the Caciotta Fresca is very good with wood-fired bread

and can also be enjoyed with compotes for cheeses;

excellent in combination with any vegetables or fruits.

The Caciotta is a cheese born in relatively recent times

for the need of shepherds to create a product more delicate

and less spicy than Pecorino, which could be ready in less time.

Caciotta can be fresh or semi-mature;

that is, its maturation is interrupted before the cheese becomes excessively mature.

The Caciotta can be produced with all types of milk, sheep, cow, goat,

buffalo or mixed, depending on the region in which it is produced.

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Caciotta, from the Tuscan Cacciola, is a type of cheese produced in Italy

from the milk of cowssheepgoats, or water buffalo.

Cacciotta has more than a dozen variations.

The cheeses are cylindrical in shape and up to 1 kilogram (2.2 lb) weight.

The period of ripening is brief, and the soft, yellow rind surrounds a white

or yellowish body which is soft in texture and mild in flavour.

Both artisanal and industrial production are common.


Ingredients: sheep’s-milk, Kefir, rennet, salt.

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