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Caciotta Black Peppercorns

Caciotta Black Peppercorns

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Caciotta Black Peppercorns made from Sheep’s Milk cheese.

Small pieces of crushed peppercorns are scattered across the cheese. The aftertaste is long, sweet, and spicy due to the peppers’ presence.

Information about Caciotta Cheese

Caciotta Black Peppercorns, made from Sheep’s Milk cheese:  This cheese was invented mainly as an alternative to pecorino to make a product that was sweeter, more delicate, faster, and easier to prepare.

Caciotta Black Peppercorns, made from Sheep’s Milk cheese, describes a wide range of simple, rural cheeses from central Italy that can be made with either ewe’s, cow’s, goat’s, or buffalo’s milk.

What is Kefir Cheese?

Ours is from RAW 100% Sheep Milk Only with Kefir addition as a culture. The cheese is aged for a brief period.

Beneath the soft, yellow rind is a white or yellowish body with a smooth texture and mild flavour.

This sheep’s milk cheese has a mellow, nutty flavour. Serve it on a charcuterie plate, and eat it fresh in vegetable-based appetizers or with fresh and dried fruits. Enjoy it on a cheese board before dinner or with bread and jams for dessert.

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2 reviews for Caciotta Black Peppercorns

  1. Simona Patrascu (verified owner)

    I love the piquancy sensation provided by the addition of whole black peppercorns.
    I enjoy eating it with apples or shaved over salad and sometimes on its on. 😋

  2. Simona (verified owner)

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