Caciotta Black Peppercorns


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Rind is thin.
Color is ivory.  Small pieces of crushed peppercorns are scattered across the cheese.
The aftertaste is long, sweet and spicy due to the peppers presence.
Caciotta: This cheese was invented mainly as an alternative to pecorino – with the aim of making a product that was sweeter and more delicate, but also faster and easier to prepare.
Caciotta describes a wide range of simple, rural cheeses from central Italy that can be made with either ewe’s, cow’s, goat’s, or buffalo’s milk. Our is from Sheep Milk only. The cheese is aged for a brief period. Beneath the soft, yellow rind is a white or yellowish body which has a soft texture and mild flavour. Our this sheep’s milk cheese has a mellow, nutty flavor. Serve it on a charcuterie plate, eat it fresh in vegetable-based appetizers or with fresh and dried fruits. Enjoy it on a cheese board before dinner, or for dessert with bread and jams.

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