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Caciotta Aged 2019

Caciotta Aged 2019

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Introducing our Caciotta Aged 2019, a delightful and more mature version of our popular Caciotta cheese from the year 2019. After patiently waiting for its time to mature in our sacred cheese room, this aged Caciotta has developed a truly fantastic flavor that will captivate your taste buds.

In comparison to the Caciotta 2020, this aged version boasts a lighter color, indicating the changes that have taken place during the aging process. The cheese’s flavor has deepened and intensified, making it an excellent choice for cheese connoisseurs who appreciate complex and rich tastes.

True cheese aficionados will delight in pairing this aged Caciotta with their favorite vino, as the combination of flavors will undoubtedly elevate the tasting experience. To fully appreciate its unique profile, we recommend allowing the cheese to breathe for about half an hour before serving.

Caciotta cheese itself is renowned for its semi-soft, fresh texture, offering a harmonious balance of firmness and creaminess. Its mild, milky, sweet, and tangy taste is truly distinctive, showcasing the essence of cheese made solely from whole sheep’s milk.

The name Caciotta itself finds its origins in the Latin word “cacio,” which quite fittingly translates to “cheese.” With its long-standing history and exceptional taste, Caciotta Aged 2019 has rightfully earned its special place on any cheeseboard, ready to delight and satisfy cheese enthusiasts with its unparalleled flavors and textures.

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