Artisanal Gelato alla Crema!

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Artisanal Gelato alla Crema

Smooth & Rich. Our gelato is mixed slowly to avoid excess air, the less air in gelato the more it silky and thick. Available now in seven flavours!

Jar of 8oz $15

Jar of 16oz $30

Vanilla (natural organic vanilla extract)

Pistachio (oven roasted, grounded )

Green tea (Sencha powder and Sencha leafs brewed hot milk)

Coffee (real coffee beans, brewed in hot milk)

Dark chocolate (organic cocoa powder)

Raspberry (Organic puréed raspberry)

Stollen Flavour (Candied Orange Peel, Lemon Zest, Cranberries, Raisins, Pistachios, Almonds, Walnut ; All soaked in rum )


50/50 Sheep’s milk and cream

Brown organic cane sugar lowest amount

Egg yolks

See Salt

No starch

No artificial flavours

No corn syrup

No stabilizers




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Vanilla 8oz, Vanilla 16oz, Pistachio 8oz, Pistachio 16oz, Green Tea 8oz, Green Tea 16oz, Coffee 8oz, Coffee 16oz, D. Chocolate 8oz, D. Chocolate 16oz, Raspberry 8oz, Raspberry 16oz, Stollen 8oz, Stollen 16oz


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