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“Yogurt & Pregnancy”, by Erica Garber Nutritionist CNP

posted June 22, 2022

Restless Legs and Carpal Tunnel Symptoms Updated: June 22, 2022 At 35 weeks pregnant, a doula had recommended that I drink more sheep’s milk. As a nutritionist, I was so grateful for her recommendation. I had already been consuming a lot of grass-fed dairies, but I knew I had to see Alex at the Farmers market […]

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“My Food Adventures”, by Alison Golding

posted June 3, 2022

Secret Lands Farm – The Luxury of Handcrafted Updated: Sep 8, 2021 I recently visited Secret Lands Farm, a family-run sheep farm in Grey County offering small-batch high quality dairy, cheese and lamb meat. We booked their farm tour with charcuterie and cheese tasting over Labour Day weekend and spent a few hours exploring their beautiful […]

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Farm Q&A: Sophie Burov, Secret Lands Farm

posted July 22, 2021

BY AMELIA NIELSON-STOWELL /  TUESDAY, 11 MAY 2021 / The Fermentation Association When Sophie and Alexander Burov moved to Toronto, Canada, from Moscow, Russia, in 2007, farming wasn’t on their radar. Both entrepreneurs — she in fashion, he in mining — they were accustomed to life in one of the biggest cities in the world, not to rural farming. […]

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