Cafe Menu

Welcome to Secret Lands Cafe!

Farm to table menu focusing on fresh, organic ingredients coming from our farm or other local farmers. We always have seasonal additions and daily specials at the cafe for you to enjoy.


Monday: 10 am – 7 pm
Tuesday: 10 am – 7 pm
Wednesday: 10 am – 7 pm
Thursday: 10 am – 7 pm
Friday: 10 am – 8 pm
Saturday: 10 am – 8 pm
Sunday: 10 am – 7 pm

All Day Breakfast Menu

All of our breakfast egg and lamb sausage dishes come with a side salad made from organic greens with a house made dressing and toasted local sourdough bread.

Omelet  19.00

3 Farm Fresh Eggs with Sheep’s Milk, field with seasonal vegetables (optional: onion, spinach, sweet, pepper, mushrooms), sheep’s milk cheese,  Sourdough bread, Salad. Optional: onion, spinach

Scrambled eggs 19.00

3 Farm Fresh Eggs Scrambled, Sourdough Bread, Salad

Fried, Poached or Boiled Eggs 15.95

A couple of free range, farm fresh egg made just as you like, Sourdough bread, Salad.

Grilled Cheese  sm 12.00 / lg 19.95

Pecorino semi-hard cheese, Salad, Sourdough Bread

Lamb Sandwich   sm 12.00 / lg 19.95

Grass-fed lamb, sheep’s milk cheese, vegetables & homemade mayonnaise served on fresh sourdough bread, Salad

Lamb Sausages     19.95

Your choice of 2 breakfast sausages or 1 dinner sausage, made with our grass-fed ground lamb and light seasoning these sausages have no artificial flavor or preservatives, Sourdough Bread, Salad

Halloumi Menu

Halloumi Fries   sm 12.00 / lg 19.95

Floured and fried Halloumi served with our homemade yogurt dip

Halloumi Salad  sm 17.00 lg 22.00

Mixed greens, seasonal vegetables and fruits, fried & shredded Halloumi served with a homemade orange dressing.

Halloumi Shish-Kebab    sm 15.00/ lg 22.00

Grilled halloumi, lamb sausage, cherry tomatoes & zucchini served up on a stick.

Halloumi Lamb Burger    35.00

Two large pieces of Halloumi enveloping a lightly seasoned, GMO-free, grass-fed lamb patty, avocado, onion and seasonal vegetables. Served with a fresh green organic side salad and toasted local sourdough bread.

Halloumi Veggie Burger 28.00

Two large pieces of halloumi enveloping grilled zucchini, pepper and tomato. Fresh green organic salad and toast made from local sourdough bread served on the side

Lunch/Dinner Menu

Soup of the day       sm 5.95 / lg 7.95

Served with a fresh side salad of organic greens and toast made from local sourdough bread.

Meatballs        11.95

Simply made with your choice of our grass-fed ground lamb or our free-range ground chicken. Topped with a homemade bechamel sauce. Served with a side salad and toasted local sourdough bread.

Lamb Steak        48.95

A grass-fed, leg of lamb steak made to your liking. Served with your choice of a fresh green salad or fermented vegetables.

Lamb Burger   lg 19.95

Grass & Pasture Finished lamb, Salad, Sourdough Bread.

Perogies    sm 9.00 /lg 15.00

Handmade with local organic mushrooms and potatoes or our sheep’s milk ricotta and organic spinach.

Sweet Perogies     sm 9.00 / lg 15.00

Handcrafted with our sheep’s milk ricotta cheese, yogurt and seasonal organic berries.

Cheese Platter

1 ounce 12.00

2 ounce 22.00

3 ounce 30.00

A mix of our handcrafted Kefir based semi-hard and soft cheeses.

Meat Board  22.00

Lamb, Pickle, Mustard


House Pickles  7.00

Green Beans 8.00

Simple Greens 8.00

Grilled Sourdough Bread & Butter  7.00

Salad   4.95

Organic greens and vegetables with a simple homemade dressing

Beat salad with Pecorino Fresco  16.00

Egg Plant Salad  16.00

Eggplants, Tomato, Pecorino Fresco 16.00

Za’atar Bread      2.00

Homemade flatbread

Gougeres   3 for 2.50

French baked savory choux pastry made of choux dough and our pecorino cheese


Yogurt Parfait 13.00

Options: Blueberry, Cherry, Strawberry flavor

Sheep’s Milk Crepes 7.95

Crepe Flambe made perfectly thin. Served with creamy sheep’s milk yogurt and a drizzle of local Ontario honey.

Gluten-free options with buckwheat flour can be made available.

Sheep’s Milk Pancakes with Yogurt 7.95

Made with our sheep’s milk kefir, organic flour & farm eggs. Coming with our rich sheep’s milk yogurt and a drizzle of local raw honey, Served with seasonal berries. Gluten-free options with buckwheat flour can be made available.

Stuffed Crepe   12.00

A crepe stuffed with your choice of our sheep’s milk ricotta and fresh seasonal berries or spinach for a more savory flavor, or our house made grass-fed lamb liver pate. Gluten-free options with buckwheat flour can be made available.

Yogurt Bar   12.00

Your choice of our sheep’s milk yogurt or a mix of yogurt and our sheep’s milk ricotta cheese. Topped with granola, honey, organic seasonal berries, dried fruit and/or nuts. The combination is up to you.

Apple Strudel    9.00

Served with the ball of our homemade sorbet

Kefir/Yogurt Sorbet  14.00

Simply made with our healthy probiotic-rich kefir and yogurt as a base. No added refined sugar. Comes in 4 flavors – banana-mango, raspberry/blackberry, plain, and green queen (avocado, kiwi, banana, and spinach)

Fruit salad 16:00
Seasonal berries & fruits, Honey Lemon Dressing, available with Hazelnut or Walnut

Zephyr  3.00

A unique treat. Cross between a souffle and a marshmallow. Made with our farm fresh eggs and organic fruit. Coming in 3 flavors – apple, raspberry or mango.

Signature Chocolate Truffles  6.00

Filled with our Kefir Pecorino cheese and covered in 75% dark chocolate each truffle is made by hand. Coming in 7 flavors to choose from – classic, double chocolate, espresso, ginger cookie, lime zest, cayenne pepper and blue cheese.

Lviv Cheesecake  sm 5.00 /lg 8.00

Chocolate draped cheesecake made with sheep’s milk ricotta cheese and succulent prunes. Gluten Free.

Anna Pavlova Cake  12.00

Handmade with meringue from our farm fresh free range eggs. Topped with castor cream made from our sheep’s milk and organic sugar. Finished with your choice of sauce and organic fruit topping. We have raspberry, blueberry, blackberry or mango flavors.


Pot of tea (2 cups)   5.00

Pot of tea with milk 6.00

Herbal tea  2.50

Herbal tea with milk 3.50

Iced Tea   4.00

Housemade ginger or berry iced tea

Hot Chocolate  10oz 6.00 / 12oz  6.50

Americano   10oz 3.50/ 12oz   4.00

Also available iced

Americano with Sheep’s Milk  10oz 4.50/ 12oz 5.00

Also available iced

Espresso   single 2.50 / double 3.50

Espresso Macchiato  10oz 3.50 / 12oz 4.50

Sheep’s Milk Latte  10oz 6.00 / 12oz 6.50

Also available iced

Cappuccino    10oz 5.50 / 12oz6.00

Organic Kombucha   6.00

A variety of flavors from Alchemy Pickle Company

Grapefruit Green Tea, Jasmine Apple Lemon Balm or Blueberry Mint Flavors

Organic Kombucha on tap sm 4.00/ lg 6.00

From Alchemy Pickle Company. Flavors change pending on season and stock